Frank J. DeCaro, DMD

For 30 years, our dental office has served the community of Everett on all their dental health needs, from basic preventive care to innovative cosmetic dentistry procedures. We take pride in giving our patients the best dental treatment from the best dentist in the area. Dr. DeCaro always makes himself available for his patients, not just during his office hours but also when his patient's teeth needed emergency treatment. That is the real sign of commitment to his craft and his profession.

How Dr. DeCaro Works

You can go to any Everett dentist, but only Dr. DeCaro can give you a holistic, personalized and extensive service. In his three decades in the industry and having treated almost any dental issues and emergency, he claims that the most important part of treatment is diagnosis. A dentist should take the time to sit down with a patient and truly figure out what’s wrong and what's the best strategy to approach the problem. Research shows that dentists who don’t ask pertinent questions before procedures are conducted end up having their patients spend more for treatments they don’t even need. In some instances, they even make the situation worse.


Unlike other Everett dental clinics, we are equipped to handle almost any kind of dental procedure – from basic routine cleaning to complex multiple extraction procedures. Thanks to the competence of our resident dentist, Dr. Frank DeCaro. We pride ourselves in treating entire families, through all stages of their lives, because we don’t simply look at one procedure. Dr. DeCaro believes in a holistic and comprehensive approach in treating dental problems - making sure that he only provides the best treatment and the most innovative long-term solutions. We offer a variety of procedures that fall under three general categories.


This Everett dental office is equipped to handle your most basic dental needs, which include preventive care and treatments for the most common oral health problems. These visits are inevitable and best kept regular because your teeth are exposed to different substances that can cause decay and infections on a daily basis. Tooth cavities and gum diseases should not be taken for granted because these may lead to worse teeth condition and may require more complicated processes.


A lot of people experience what we call as a toothache in the middle of the night. This can vary from simple sensations to excruciating pain. In this case, a dental issue may be called an emergency. There are only a few dentists who would make themselves available for on the spot procedures to alleviate your pain and deal with the problem. Unlike most Everett dentists, Dr. DeCaro is on call and can help you during dental emergencies.


Cosmetic dentistry is not just about giving you a perfect smile, it's also making sure that you can keep that smile for as long as possible by keeping it healthy. To achieve this, Everett dental office offers procedures such as teeth whitening, cosmetic bonding, white crowns and fillings, dental veneers and braces. Because Dr. DeCaro believes that your best asset should be your smile!


That happens because they’re either hasty and just want to get through the procedure, or they’re inexperienced and operate on “one problem, one solution” scenario. With this Everett dentist, you can avoid that situation entirely. A lot of patients also end up in a position where they have to have immediate, major treatments because there was no preventive care program established. Preventive care is one of Dr. DeCaro’s dental health philosophies.

Dr. DeCaro believes in his patients' heavy involvement in the process of taking care of the teeth. The more you know about your dental health, the lesser the possibility of having problems with your teeth in the long run. That’s why he encourages questions and even opens his office’s communication lines for queries his patients might have, no matter how basic.


If you to want to ask us anything, feel free to call us at 617-389-0877 or visit our clinic at 826 Broadway, Everett. We’re open from Monday to Thursday, 9 to 5, Friday, 9 to 1 and Saturday 9 to 2. In case the clinic is closed, we’ll get back to you with an answer in no more than 24 hours.