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All About Frank J. DeCaro, DMD

30 years in the industry and a long line of happy patients is our greatest achievement. We pride ourselves in putting our patients first, be it through our emergency services or how everyone in the office makes each of them feel comfortable and at home.

What we do?

We keep generations – dads and sons – and families coming back and seeking out the service of our dedicated and passionate head dentist, Dr. Frank DeCaro. He completed his Bachelor’s degree at Boston College and his Dental Medicine Doctorate at Tufts University.

We can help you!

Dr. DeCaro supplemented that with more training and seminars that had allowed him and our clinic to improve and introduce new dental solutions to our patients constantly. To further make sure that his patients are comfortable, he also took courses on dental anxiety, which helps him interact with patients who feel tense during procedures.

The best dentistry services

That’s especially useful for kids and patients with phobias. Our approach, which is in line with Dr. DeCaro’s philosophy, is to make our treatments sustainable for our patients.

Dental Health

We encourage questions from you, and we explain how we’re taking care of your teeth and how you can also enhance their health. This means lesser problems for you and a happier and healthier patient for us.

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