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Family Dentistry

Everyone has to have a dentist. It does not matter if you have the most perfect looking teeth or you’ve never experienced any problems with them. You still need to have one. Like any part of your body, your teeth are prone to wear and tear. They’re exposed to different substances that can cause decay and other infections on a daily basis, from the coffee you drink to the tuna sandwich you had for lunch.

Everett Family Dentist

The reaction to these substances and the gradual effect they have on your teeth are inevitable. The best way to keep them healthy and prevent any damage on them is to visit a dentist regularly.

The least that this Everett family dentist could do for you is introduce you to an effective system to keep your teeth healthy, especially for kids and teens who are more prone to oral health issues because of what they eat and how they manage their oral hygiene. We can schedule regular cleaning and check-ups, but if we see more issues, we can discuss a plan on how to best deal with them.

This Everett family dentist is equipped to provide general dentistry services for your whole family, no matter how basic or complicated the problem is.

What separates us from every other family dentist in Everett, Massachusetts is our commitment to making sure that you and your family continue to get up-to-date and innovative dental services at an affordable rate.

We Care For Your Family Dental Needs

Apart from basic cleaning services which we recommend you get at least twice a year, we also offer the following services:

Tooth filling and restoration

This treatment is required when bacteria has affected the tooth enough to cause a gaping hole that damages the structure of the tooth. Tooth-colored restorations, which require resin or porcelain inlays, fill in the gap, strengthen the teeth and make it look good as new.


These are effective in protecting the surfaces of our chewing teeth. The process requires a tooth-colored sealant to be painted on the tooth that acts as the barrier to protect your teeth from acids and plaque.


Made of either plastic or porcelain, these new set of teeth used to replace your old ones support your lips and cheeks. They also make eating easier. The size and fit of dentures change over time as the shape of your gums also changes, so if you have one now, you may need to update it in a year or so.

Root canals and extractions

These are procedures performed when teeth have been damaged severely by bacteria or other injuries. It's either the tooth will be pulled out completely, or it will be saved by targeting the pulp of your tooth through a root canal.

Our other services also include dental bridges, crowns, and implants. Apart from these, this Everett Dental family dentist can perform a variety of methods for diagnosis, like oral exams and digital x-rays, using our latest equipment.

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