How to Manage your Teen’s Dental Habits
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February 5, 2019
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How to Manage your Teen’s Dental Habits

Teenagers have a lot of responsibility. Growing up, school, sports, homework, managing peer pressure, and other community activities can take their toll on a young mind. Unfortunately, for most teens oral health doesn’t seem to be much of a priority. As a parent, making sure your teens remember to brush their teeth twice a day can be a difficult task. Not to worry, this is a task you can master with a few secrets from your dentist. Here are the best ways to manage your teen’s dental habits.

Lead by example.

If you’re hoping your teen will show some effort with their oral health, show them how it’s done. See your dentist regularly together as a family. Practice what you preach by keeping a twice daily routine of brushing your teeth and make sure they see you doing it. Make good oral habits a routine in your house so they can learn how to do it themselves.

Eliminate excuses.

Don’t let a lack of supplies be an excuse! Keep the bathroom stocked with dental floss, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and other oral health items so your teens can access them easily. Do what you can to teach your children good time management skills so they won’t ‘run out of time’ before school and not brush their teeth. Make a list of tasks they need to do to get ready for school and have them check it off as they go. Include things like making their bed, brushing their teeth, putting on deodorant, and similar good hygiene habits to help them establish a healthy routine of their own.

Get the gadgets.

Teens love the newest high tech gadgets, and the dental industry has obliged. Encourage your teens to manage their own oral health by using vibrating toothbrushes and other high-tech gadgets. These items make teeth brushing a fun activity and it can even help to get them engaged in their own health by showing their progress via apps and a bluetooth device.

Talk about the consequences.

There are serious consequences to not having a good oral care routine. Tooth loss, tooth enamel issues, cavities, dingy teeth, gingivitis, and more can all happen if you’re not taking proper care of your teeth. A lifetime of not taking care of your teeth will result in severe tooth loss in old age. Explain these issues to your teens and make sure they know the consequences. If you struggle in this area, have your teen come by and talk to us. We have a full range of resources that can steer them in the right direction.
We’d love to be the source for all things oral health for your entire family. The Everett family dentist will introduce you to an effective system to keep your teeth healthy, especially for kids and teens who are more prone to oral health issues because of what they eat and how they manage their oral hygiene. We can schedule regular cleaning and check-ups, but if we see more issues, we can discuss a plan on how to best deal with them. Schedule an appointment by contacting us here or give us a call at 617-389-0877.

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